Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm back

Dear Breckinridge Diaries Readers,

I'm back. I apologize for the long silence but I've been super busy. First I've been spending the majority of my computer time redesigning the website for our local yarn shop. You can find my handy work at I also started a e-newsletter for the shop and that has increased sales which is excellent for any small business during these difficult economic times. I have started a blog for the shop and my limited blogging time has been devoted to their blog.

But I'm back to my blog with couple of project to keep you reading. First I'm jumped back into my Breckinridge research and I'm making some new discoveries and solving some mysteries. I made a major breakthrough last week when I finally located the land that Katherine Breckinridge's birth home stood. I'll blog more details in the future but this was huge.

My other big project is "Knit Down Your Stash In A Year." I have a huge stash and last weekend I got it all out to organize it and add my most recent purchases. My husband commented "can you knit with some of this yarn? why are you always buying new?" He was really just teasing me but he had a point. I do buy yarn at a much faster rate than I can knit it. So 2012 is the year of the stash reduction. I've challenged myself not only to knit it down but to finish the projects I start. Much in the same vein of Sweater Quest and The Julie/Julia Project. I'll update the blog with my progress. It all starts in January.

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