Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheating on my Addis...

I love my Addi circulars for sock knitting. The needles are beautifully crafted, the joins are perfect and the cable is oh so flexible. In general I'm a bamboo girl. Medal needles are too slick but for sock knitting, my Addis are wonderful. I'm also a 2 socks on 1 circ person using Magic Loop so the flexibility of the Addi cable is great for me. But I've been cheating.

I was working on some cashmere socks for my sweet mama and my Addi Turbo were just too slick for the yummy cashmere yarn. So I trotted on over to The Yarn Mart and bought a pair of ChiaoGoo Bamboo Circulars (size 1). THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!!!! The needle points are sharp - perfect for this thick and thin yarn I'm using. The joins are beautiful. But its the cable that I'm loving the most. It's metal - like a super thin version of a guide wire on a electric pole. It is more flexible than the plastic that I love on my Addi.

I know I will not completely desert my Addi but I will search far and wide to find more ChiaoGoo Bamboo Circulars with this wonderful metal cable. I'm in love.

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