Monday, September 13, 2010

"I shall not buy more yarn until..."

Here is my new mantra - "I shall not buy more yarn until I knit down my current stash."

My stash is out of control. I have been buying yarn like a mad woman over the last year and I'm not knitting fast enough to justify it. I have yarn hidden all over the house (and yes, my husband knows about them all - no secrets here). There are baskets on shelves, tubs under beds, and bags in closet. If it weren't for Ravelry, I wouldn't know how much I have but it tells me in black and green on the top of my stash page - 86! Non-knitting people - that is not 86 balls/skeins/hanks of yarn - that is 86 individual types of yarn and in most cases, I own multiple balls/skeins/hanks of each.


So here is my plans -- I will finish my existing WIPs (works in progress) which include my February Lady Sweater, my Hourglass Eyelet Scarf, a pair of socks for my husband, and a baby sweater I started last spring. I will finish these projects by Thanksgiving. Then I will start on new projects only using yarn from my stash. If I have to I will pick a stash yarn and find a pattern instead of picking a pattern and going to look for yarn. Instead of cooking my way through the Art of French Cooking, I will knit my way through my stash. So by this time next year, I will either have a lot of beautiful hand knit items or I will have a lot more money in our savings account!


  1. And after you have cleared the stash, perhaps you can begin to spin, somehow a stash of fibres isn't quite so guilt-inducing, lol!

  2. I need a bigger house if I take on spinning! Right now the house is overrun with toddler toys! :)